The Bushehri and Rastegar family

I came in contact with Hassan Boushehri a month ago and got to know about the daughter Fatemeh of Mulla Ali and Khajije. Hassan got me in contact with Bahar Rastegar.

From Bahar Rastegar I received valuable information about this branch of the family tree. Bahar also emailed me many wonderful pictures, that I’ve added.

The database has been updated with those people, and will later this week be uploaded.

Year of birth is important

I know! You should never ask a woman about her birthday! The year of birth is important for the database, because the system uses this information to “rank” the brothers and sisters, som we know who is the eldest and who is the youngest.

Fun fact: The brothers Abdul Rahim and Mahmoud in Norway are apparently born with only 80 days apart. (Note to myself: check this!).

Please send my your birthday!