Update 2020-05-05

Over the past couple of days I received new information about a sister to my grandfather Ali Akbar Maktabi. Combined with many smaller changes and information I decided to update the database and upload a new version.

  • Added Fatemed Maktabi sister to Ali Akbar Maktabi and her son Hassan Boushehri, and the Rastegar family.
  • Changed the design into a more mobile/tablet friendly version
  • Updated with information found on Facebook.
  • Updated with information that relatives have sent me.
  • I’ve added a lot of pictures
  • Added links to persons Facebook account
  • I’ve changed the website www.maktabi.net into a website dedicated to this project.

The database and Pedigree chart

The first page you’ll see is me 🙂

  1. Use the main menu to find people. Unfortunately the system doesn’t have a search option.

2. If you want to see a graphical illustration, click on “Pedigree Chart”. Zoom in and out on your mobile or PC monitor

3. Click on a name to go to the information about this person.

Please support this project!

I hope you will spend a few moments going through your own family and see if I’m missing information. This could be

  • new people (newborn, marriage)
  • pictures of people
  • Birthdays, especially the year of relatives
  • Information about relatives that have died, divorced, married, etc.
  • Interesting stories about relatives.
  • Please either send it to me by email at maktabi@hotmail.com or use the form in the menu above.

Ps.: The database starts with my kids and goes from there. Therefore you will find people that are not Maktabis, but relatives to my wife Annette. The tree also contains data about the family of my mother going back more than 500 years. I can’t filter this part out of the database easily.

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